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MetaVerse-M Protocol

About MetaVerse-M

MetaVerse-M is a trustless decentralized exchange and staking Protocol for web3. It enables all asset holders across the block chain space to stake their crypto assets for rewards. The protocol is able to generate yield rewards in such a way that it is able to scale rewards according to governance decisions made by the community, thus insuring that no single entity can manipulate the process.

Web3 adoption and absolute decentralization is the key core function behind the protocol creation.

MetaVerse-M App is envisioned as a yield marketplace where anyone can become part of the ecosystem and interact with the protocol, we believe in a strong trusted platform and do our best to shield customers from rug pull projects. We do extensive research into projects before we expose our customers to projects on our platforms.

We forged fantastic partnership with tier 1 providers in our space to bring you the best experience when using some of our products. Our contracts were developed by experienced solidity developers and has proven to be secure and efficient in its functions.

Quick Project Summary
  1. Project Name - MetaVerse-M
  2. Launched - April 2022
  3. Ticker M (Stands for Metaverse)
  4. Native Network - Binance Smart Chain (Bep20)
  5. ENS - Bimex.eth

What is a Decentralized Exchange

Vision and Mission

The MetaVerse-M team believes that driving adoption to crypto is essential to drive significant value towards web3 projects and the ecosystem.

Web3 brings opportunities and value directly to those who contribute to the projects and creators. Trust is key in any project, creating a safe space is key.

The MetaVerse-M team envisions a future where all block chains will communicate with each other, and where many new asset classes will be tokenized. Furthermore, the team expects abundant opportunities for partnering with promising projects to bring their core values to recognition. Designing a top-class experience for our users to keep them engaged and incentivized.

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