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MetaVerse-M Token

$M is a native token of MetaVerse-M Yield Network. It is a utility and governance token, which gives token holders a right to participate in the network, govern the network and earn token rewards by staking.

Token info

Exchange addresses M-BNB pool/pair


The token is distributed across a number of segments to enable development, organic growth and promotions.

$M Token forecast

Expected $M Token Distribution will complete in 60 Months via farm yield rewards. We initially minted 10 Million tokens when we launched. We decided to change our distribution model and burned 5,322,301 tokens.

There is currently 6,654,102 tokens in the hands of users and the team. We will allow another 3,446,000 tokens to be minted via farm rewards. This process is slow and will complete over 60 months. There after minting will stop capping the supply at 10 Million Tokens

So how do we turn deflationary?

Once the full 10 Million supply is reached we presume people would no longer yield farm for M rewards. The 4% current(adjustable) burn fee will exceed the rewards. To keep the system turning deflationary we will incentivize our users with other rewards from our eco system, ie NFTs and Exchange Token Rewards.

They will continue to stake and yield farm to earn those rewards. So in essence the system will keep burning those fees turning back the clock from 10 Million

This model can be adjusted via our governance systems as the people decide. We can scale to accommodate future decisions.

Token Allocation

Token rules below apply to the different wallets and holders.

Token HoldersToken AmountToken AllocationLocked
Contributors500,0005.00%2 months locked
Team Allocation1,000,00010.00%6 months locked
Marketing Advisors500,0005.00%3 months locked
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