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What is an NFT

Non-fungible tokens or NFTs are cryptographic assets on block chain with unique identification codes and metadata to distinguish them from each other. Unlike cryptocurrencies which are identical to each other, NFTs cannot be traded or exchanged at equivalency, which is why they can be used as a medium for commercial transactions.

In 2021 alone, the market saw significant increases in both total value sent and average transaction size, suggesting that NFTs as an asset category are gaining value as they attract new users.

NFT Bridge

The bridge allows users to swap between different chains, it enables the flow of value from one chain to another and back, which creates higher throughput for faster and cheaper transactions, leading to better access to liquidity on Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, etc.

NFT staking in our Store

Staking, as its name suggests, allow you to stake on our NFT platform supported chains (e.g., Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, and Polygon). Stakers can earn up to 40% APR, and when the amount staked reaches a certain threshold, they can unlock Launchpad tiers which come with various other benefits exclusive to holders.

Manage Royalties

NFTs can be programmed so that each transaction includes royalties, allowing creators to be rewarded fairly for their work online.


Sign up as an artist and we will feature your work and guide you setting up your portfolio and royalties.

It is easy for you to access the most common features in our store

  1. Create NFT
  2. Create Sell Orders to sell your own NFTs
  3. Manage revenue from your sell orders

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