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The development roadmap is shaped by integration and partnership opportunities consistent with the MetaVerse-M mission and visions:

To unlock the value of MetaVerse-M with a Staking Protocol for web3 assets.

Set out below are a number of key deliverables as currently envisioned by the MetaVerse-M team:

MetaVerse-M Protocol

Past Deliverables

2022 - 2023

  • Systems go live
  • MetaVerse-M Yield Farm
  • Multi token farm
  • NFT Market launched
  • Payment with M on Nftify
  • List CMC and coingecko
  • Launch Bimex CEX Exchange
  • Implement help Desk and KYC into Bimex
  • List on two CEX Exchanges
  • Governance system implemented

We did manage most deadlines 90%. Unfortunately we had to move a few timelines forward.

Future Deliverables

2023 - 2024

  • NFT MetaVerse Land (Planning Phase)
  • Token Promoter Section with full project data and reputation builder
  • NFT reputation badge for Binance smart chain metaverse projects
  • Yield farms on other EVM chains (i.e. ETH, Polygon)
  • Mobile Wallet
  • Tokenized Property Solutions implementing smart contracts for property developers and estate agents (Whitepaper Soon)
  • Mobile App for Bimex Exchange
  • Reward and referral system on Bimex Exchange
  • Fiat gateway payments via Bimex exchange
  • Liquidity
  • Listing on a tier 1 Exchange

This page is being updated regularly by the MetaVerse-M team.

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