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Governance is integral to the protocol, which ultimately will become a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization). The road to a DAO will not be developed immediately. The governance will be rolled out incrementally and will be announced in future.

Here are some of the potential community roles for our DAO:

  • Community as MetaVerse-M Yield Farm treasury custodian
  • Decisions on tokens which can join MetaVerse-M Yield Farm
  • Decisions on the incentives within yield farms
  • Decisions on the value of the protocol fees and yield farms budget
  • Decisions on the future product features to be developed

Protocol Operation

Unique burning mechanism

We are trying to create a strong burning mechanism that increases the token price constantly a 4% burn fee will be charged at staking.

The burned transaction fee (60% of the 4%) will be used for marketing the other (40% of the 4%) will be used to fund business growth.


Time lock added to contract at launch

Migrator code are present in most forked projects they can take all your money within hours. Although they might not do so, the code is still present in their contracts and this code is exactly how all the rug pulls are done.

We dont have any migrator code in our contracts.

Eventually, it is expected that the network will be sustainable on the basis of protocol fees. The following is the anticipated staking rewards schedule:

  • Rewards during Staking period (anticipated in the first 5 years): Staking rewards in $M (exact amount TBA) + 4% fee from yield Farms

Please make sure to read #metadex-token to better understand the token distribution.

Yield Farming

Yield Farming is designed to provide a strong incentive for successful yields of web3 tokens across ecosystems, while at the same time generating value to the MetaVerse-M Protocol and its community.

As the general rewards mechanism is explained earlier, this section focuses on the role of M tokenomics in Yield Farming. M plays a key role in two areas:

Protocol Fees

Envisioned as the engine of sustainable protocol growth, yield farms will drive value to MetaVerse-M community through protocol fees collected from sponsored yield farms. The protocol fee is currently set to 4%, but will be subject to a future governance decision. This means that 4% of the protocol Yield Farming rewards (protocol TVL) will be distributed, retained as marketing funds or burned.

While the Yield Farming rewards can be in various tokens, the tokens collected via protocol fees will be converted into M before being distributed.

MetaVerse-M yield Farm (protocol native yield farm)

The intention of MetaVerse-M yield Farm is to incentivize and reward early adoption and usage of the protocol, as well as grow the MetaVerse-M community. Further, it aims to provide a sustainable long term incentive for future protocol usage.

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