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How are my rewards calculated (how much can I earn)?

This amount represents your “position” in the yield farm. You earn a portion of the daily rewards based on your share in the total “farm position”. The higher your share of the total position, the bigger portion of the daily rewards you earn. Your own “position” can increase if you buy more tokens, or decrease if you sell your tokens (buy and hold mechanism). For more details check the rewards distribution and example.

On which DEXs and blockchains can the tokens be bought

At the moment, only purchases of tokens via bnbchain are supported and considered as successful yields.

What if I buy a token via CEX?

You can withdraw it to Metamask or your wallet and stake it

What is "M" token?

This token is used to reward users who join yield farms sponsored by MetaVerse-M protocol.

What is the protocol fee?

The protocol fee of 2-4% is a service fee paid by those who create a yield farm. It is automatically deducted from Yield Farming rewards. The protocol fee is burned.

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