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Collecting your farming rewards

Farming will bring you M rewards over time. You can collect these rewards and use them to get more LP Tokens, stake them in Pools, use them to play Lottery, or anything else you’d like.

Returning to your Farm to Harvest You can harvest your Farm and Pool rewards together from the Home page. If you'd like to collect your farming rewards only, follow along. To collect your rewards, you’ll need to visit your chosen Farm and collect the M waiting for you.

1 - Return to the Farms page here. 2 - Find the Farm you staked your LP Tokens in, and click the row to view details. You should see an estimate of your rewards under “M earned”.

3 - Click the Harvest button and confirm the action in your wallet. After a short wait, the M will be claimed to your wallet for you to use as you like.

How often should I harvest my rewards?

How often you harvest your rewards is up to you, but it does help to remember that there is a small fee involved in harvesting. You can see this fee in your wallet when confirming after clicking Harvest.

This shows the fee for harvesting as it appears in the MetaMask wallet. Different wallets will show the information a little differently. Consider leaving your rewards to grow for a while so you pay fees less often.

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