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Major changes are on the cards that started with a domain change. We acquired domain and moved all our services over. We believe this domain will be a bigger umbrella for our expansion into Web3. Our governance system was put in place and is fully operational with weighted token voting. The bigger your wallet the more votes you have. We believe that if you have a vested interest in the project you should be able to have a bigger say.

A complete website redesign was done building our website and farm in one React app. We expanded help files and detailed out our description on tokenomics. Our dapp was excepted by dappradar and is currently listed on their platform. Most stats will update on the platform soon as more contracts get approved by them. We managed two CEX exchange listings during the bear market turmoil and the listing fees came from our very own pockets, with @deeppamp putting up a considerable amount for our listing.

Setting aside price which is a sore point… The token release and distribution is looking very bullish. The biggest whales folded positions and allowed the smaller players to scoop up some $M. We crossed the 600 wallet mark in holders, with a very even distribution. Our socials increased slightly but, the most important thing is our die-hard supporters that pulled us forward and supported our project continuously. We added a referral system for our telegram users that incentify them to share our project. You earn M for every successful join via your crypto link. That really fired up the community and we received 550 API calls within a day.

Get your bot code in your telegram. Currently our circulating supply is sitting at 6,668,104 million leaving a total of 3,331,896 coins that will be distributed via our yield farm. This process may take a few years to complete where after minting of new tokens will not be allowed. Visit our token page. Also see our detailed stats page on coinbrain.

The fun really starts afterwards. The fees start burning the total supply down and the system becomes deflationary turning back the clock. Our project will continue to expand and grow the industry.

We are looking forward to this year and will work even harder to gain your trust. Adoption is 1 step at a time. Believe in M together we grow.

Juan de Wit

· One min read

Transparency is paramount in today's crypto currency industry, and Txbit leads the way with publicly available tools for our users. Our System Status page provides health statistics for each wallet. We show the balance sheet for each currency, including how much is in Hot wallets and Cold storage. We provide details and information about each listed coin or token. Our interface is designed to be familiar to seasoned trading veterans, while staying simple and logical to newcomers.

A modern and intuitive interface enables you to focus on trading and managing your portfolio. Txbit Exchange is a fully responsive web application. Desktop and mobile experience stays the same. Day / Night mode available at a click of a switch. Markets that opened for M

Juan de Wit

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Hi all its been a while since we done a piece on our progress. We are delighted that we were able to secure a listing with Markets are currently open and trading on BNB and USDT.

Hop on over and show your support. For those that fear the CEX.... We are trading on pancakeswap and our own dex. MetaVerse-M can be obtained from many Dex`s

Just some facts about M

  1. M will never exceed 10 Million coins. M mints coins for farming and staking rewards only. Whenever M reaches 10 Million (+-4years from now) the stake pool will stop paying.
  2. Liquidity - we have BNB, XRP, USDT, BUSD, BABYDOGE, 1INCH, BRISE, ADA, BTC, ETH, and some more pools.
  3. Working products, take a look at our Farm, NFT store.
  4. Visit our great NFT store.
  5. Fully Doxed team
  6. Stake earn yield or farm.
  7. Running for 8 Months.

We have been in the space since 2017 Hopefully this puts a bit more perspective. We would love it for you to join our adventure.

Juan de Wit

· One min read

On the go for 5 months now and MetaVerse-M reached quite a few milestones. The token mechanics were carefully thought out by the team. Like bitcoin the supply is limited and gets burned down to stay at the 10 Million supply level.

The team can reduce and increase the yield interest % thus allowing them to fine-tune the rewards and health of the token going forward.

This token has it all.

They launched a NFT store with some of the hottest artist on display. Not only don’t you pay for minting you can receive life time royalties on you NFT sales. M is excepted as payment option alongside most popular currency’s as well as credit card and fiat.

This team has some ambitious plans going forward. Venturing into the property and MetaVerse virtual sector is on the cards.

Just launched their very own Centralized exchange called Bimex. Bimex shares trading volume with over 90 exchanges and has some unique features built in.

With a supply of 10 Million coins.... can you afford not to....

Juan de Wit

· One min read

In 2022, MetaVerse-M went live with its revised proposition, a methodology for yields in anticipation of web3. The protocol has already been rolled out to Binance Smart Chain. MetaVerse-M also passed the key milestone of more than 600 Participants. Traction is also strong on the Project / Creator side with many projects in the pipeline, especially in the NFT space.

All updates and progress will be posted here for all to see.

Juan de Wit
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