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MetaVerse-M launch

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On the go for 5 months now and MetaVerse-M reached quite a few milestones. The token mechanics were carefully thought out by the team. Like bitcoin the supply is limited and gets burned down to stay at the 10 Million supply level.

The team can reduce and increase the yield interest % thus allowing them to fine-tune the rewards and health of the token going forward.

This token has it all.

They launched a NFT store with some of the hottest artist on display. Not only don’t you pay for minting you can receive life time royalties on you NFT sales. M is excepted as payment option alongside most popular currency’s as well as credit card and fiat.

This team has some ambitious plans going forward. Venturing into the property and MetaVerse virtual sector is on the cards.

Just launched their very own Centralized exchange called Bimex. Bimex shares trading volume with over 90 exchanges and has some unique features built in.

With a supply of 10 Million coins.... can you afford not to....

Juan de Wit
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